Aaron Carter


 'Green  Instruments'

Aaron Carter's practice finds a middle ground between painting and sculpture, within and through the open potential of the landscape and abstraction. Green Instruments is an ensemble of sculptures that explore affinities between natural phenomena and modernist style shapes.

Aaron Carter has explored an improvised process of creating a series of objects that 'converse' with each other in their space. Working from a place of respect for the environment, it was important to Aaron that these pieces found a harmonious place in it. 

Though initially planned to be suspended, this cluster of objects soon became grounded in the forest to achieve a sense of harmony that also reflected time spent with other artists and the general public who visited the trail throughout the residency. 

The final creation, a hanging piece was a surprise for Aaron. Whilst the the grounded pieces are busy "almost chatting with each other", the banner hangs quietly in the forest with holes cut out allowing "the landscape to fill out the picture".

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