"Although quite familiar with the Australian bush, I was surprised by the majestic presence of the trees at Toolangi - so much so that I don’t really want to disrupt anything living in that environment. The path allows easy access to the forest and builds a contrast to an otherwise seemingly untouched landscape. It allows visitors comfortable views and interaction with the bush. 

Form and materials used in my work will engage with that seeming contrast between easy access and the desire for experiencing unspoilt natural beauty".

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Brigit Heller


‘SYZYGY’ – a pair of connected or corresponding things.

Inspired by Mika Ebata’s work ‘Forest Wind’, ‘Syzygy’ has been created with a variety of collected dead branches that reflect on the different stages of a fallen tree. The act of cutting, sorting and stacking is looking at the individuality of each plant and the inner life that is hidden under the bark of each tree.

Special Thanks: Assistants Brianna Chillingworth, Finn and Mike