UNESCO (United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organisation) is a branch agency of the United Nations.


The International Association of Art (IAA) is a non-government organisation representing the visual arts.  Its head officer is at UNESCO House in Paris. The National Committees are accredited by IAA which represents them in issues regarding the visual arts.


The Australian National Committee (ANC) has existed since 1983, is incorporated and donations over $2 to its art promotion fund are tax deductible.    


The main functions of the ANC/IAA/UNESCO are:

  • to support and implement programs formulated by UNESCO in support of the visual arts

  • to disseminate information of interest to visual artists and to other National Committees

  • to establish contact and working relationships with other National Committees, especially those of non-mainstream countries

  • to organise visual arts events which address contemporary, national and international issues

  • to promote the visual arts and make them accessible to as wide an audience as possible

  • to develop closer relationships and possible exchanges with other National Committees, especially in the Asia-Pacific Region,

  • to issue international identity cards for professional artists, which are recognised worldwide for free entry to many museums and art galleries.


The Australian National Committee is a national organisation based in Melbourne.  All office-bearers and active members must be professional artists and membership is open to all professional visual artists.  Supportive membership is available to non-professional artists and art organisations.