Joanne Mott

'Precious Spots'

"My art portrays growth and transformation both literally with live plants and through abstract imagery. I am interested in the relationship between nature and culture, making works informed by what I identify as a need to care for the environment with a more sustainable approach. My practice includes making drawings, collage, sculpture and land art. These works are a celebration of nature in a contemporary context. Often site-specific, they require a research component in the process of their development that includes investigating place and history. I approach the landscape as a multi-layered space that I delight in excavating conceptually and building upon materially"

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A series of three circular planted plots fenced in bush timber. Incorporated in the plots are common and threatened indigenous plant species. It is hoped that as these plantings grow they may contribute to the regeneration of the threatened plants Pomaderris vaciniifolia and Nematolepis wilsonii to this area.                                                              

Special thanks to assistant John Power and Tabitha Barclay at Healesville Plants.