Marynes Avila


‘Symbiosis’ extends Marynes Avila’s ongoing research on the complexities of multiplicity through the concept of the perfect equilibrium and interconnection between everything that exists in the natural world.
It establishes a parallel between the structure of the human nervous system, trees' internal and external structures and the idea of our brains resembling a microscopic neural forest as extraordinary as the Toolangi Forest.   

‘Evolving from,

devolving toward.

Delicate, subtle marks  


the hidden balance

interconnecting the forest’.

Concerned with socially engaged practice, Marynes Avila creates work that specifically responds to site and community by implementing the use of multiples as “data connectors” in the public realm. Her work emerges from a tension between the organic and the mass produced, always returning to the idea of multiples as an analogy of people and the human condition.