Ser-Odyn Sarantsatsral - Mongolia

'Jonon Hongor'

The horse, the Mongolian symbol of strength, is a reflection of the engergy rleased by the tall messmate forest and its aesthetic value and its service to mankind.   It is a sentinal placed on the border of the wild forest growth and the tranquillity of cultivated rolling meadows extending to the Yarra Valley below.   It reminds us that both environments are necessary and need to be respected.

Ser-Odyn Sarantsatsral was born in 1962 in Ulaan-Baataar, Mongolia, where she lives and works.  She graduated from the Mongolian Art School in 1982 and now works as a freelance artist in different disciplines including tapestry, painting and sculpture.  Her work is widely exhibited in Mongolia and she has had several one person showings.  Sarantsatsral had a solo exhibition in Saarbrucken, Germany and represented her country in 1990 in Budapent; 1991 in Bejing, 1992 in Hong Kong; 1993 in Tokyo and Paris.    In 1992 she received the Mongolian Artists Association Award.

Heidi Knopfli was the assistant and translator to Ser-Odyn Sarantsatsral.  Born in 1950 Heidi lives and works in St Kilda Melbourne.   Heidi is currently studying for a Master of Fine Arts at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and has participated in many group shows in Victoria including at the National Gallery of Victoria, Linden Gallery and at Gasworks.