Shahid Sajjid - Pakistan

Shahid Sajjid was born in 1936 in Chanderi (now Pakistan) and lives and works in Karachi, Pakistan.    Circumstances prevented Shahid from receiving formal education however his keen interest in art led him to learning from established artists.

From 1960 to 1964 Shahid travelled the world on a 125cc motorbike studying and absorbing different cultural expressions in art.   On his return to Pakistan his first exhibition of impressions collected on his adventures was staged in Karachi.

From 1965-1967 he worked with the natives of the Chittagong Hills in Bangladesh to record the methods and impressions in woodcarving.

In 1973 he visited Japan where he worked with sculptor Akia Kato from whom he learned bronze casting.   Shahid also worked with Jim Mathieson and Richard Cowdie in England to enhance his knowledge of bronze casting.

A major commission in Pakistan of a mural14' x 6' cast in bronze tested his skills. Cast in an improvised foundry in the basement of his dwelling the commission was successfully completed in 1985.


The USA Government invited Shahid to visit art foundries across the country in 1988 and in the same year the National Gallery of Amman,Jordan, purchased a bronze by Shahid Sajjid.    Working in north Pakistan he returned to wood as his medium and represented his country at the Olympiad of Art in Seoul.   Shahid is represented in important collections in Dacca,New Dehli, Cairo, Jakarta and Seoul.

Heidi Beynon was the assistant to Shahid. Born in 1974, Heidi lives near Lismore in New South Wales, Australia.


Heidi studied two years of a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Canberra School of Art and she is now in her final year at Southern Cross University, NSW.


Heidi participated in some environmental art projects as part of her studies.